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1. What Does My Name PANAGOS Meaning?
Panagos is a short form of the name Panagiotis. This is a name of Greek origin and an epithet of the Virgin Mary of which means "All Holy."

2. What Does My Name MOSIER Meaning?
Mosier means someone who has lived to grow and sell vegetables. Also, it means a person who portrays idealistic and creative qualities.

3. What Does My Name FERRARO Meaning?
The Latin origin of this name comes from the word Ferrum which means Iron. The name refers to a person who works with metal. This individual has a generous and kind nature.

What does my name mean

4. What Does My Name BANG Meaning?
This is a variety if Korean, Norwegian or Danish surname. It means loud for Danish. A habitational name who lives in Bang for Norwegian.

5. What Does My Name DOBOSZ Meaning?
Came from a Jewish origin. It means courageous or noble. The beginning of this name came from the old Slavic dobie.

6. What Does My Name CRIDER Meaning?
A name which has its origins from the old Anglo-Saxon word meaning creek or a small river. It represents a cheerful, friendly and emotional person who is trustworthy.

7. What Does My Name CIMINO Meaning?
The name is of Italian origin which means a spice dealer. It can also be Cimini which is a family who came from Orvieto.

8. What Does My Name BAYLE Meaning?
From the word BEAU. The name means beautiful. But this name becomes a popular boy's name in U.S.

9. What Does My Name LANORA Meaning?
This name can be attributed to ancient Greek and means compassion, light and a woman of honor. This person always brings to completion anything they start and is very generous.

10. What Does My Name JOHANSEN Meaning?
It is a Scandinavian patronymic name which means son of Johan. The name is common in Denmark as well as Norway.

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11. What Does My Name ENGELHARD Meaning?
A person with this name has the ability to understand people and merge conflicting viewpoints. He does well interacting with the public and can use his skills of diplomacy to soothe people.

12. What Does My Name PATTON Meaning?
This name has its origins in Old England and means 'from the warrior's town'. A person with this name has a deep inner need for quiet and a desire to understand the world they live in.

13. What Does My Name CHOUDHURY Meaning?
A name used by Hindu and Muslim communities to mean the head of a community. It also is used to mean someone who is undertaking a burden of responsibility.

14. What Does My Name CADE Meaning?
The name Cade came about as an Old English pseudo-name to mean someone rotund or lumpy. It can also mean an animal raised by hand since it was abandoned by the mother.

15. What Does My Name MISTY Meaning?
This is the short version of Melissa or Michelle. It came from the word MIST which means light fog. This is a popular girl's name.

16. What Does My Name MONIKA Meaning?
Monika is a name which is widely used on the European continent and has multiple meanings. It stands for 'advisor' in Latin and 'unique' in Greek. Monika is also the patron saint of women.

17. What Does My Name CROOKSHANKS Meaning?
It has Scottish roots in referring to a bow-legged individual. Apart from that, it holds the honor of bearing the name as our favorite feline from the Harry Potter universe.

18. What Does My Name CARON Meaning?
The name has a Greek origin of which has an equivalent meaning of "pure." It also has a Welsh meaning of which means "to love." It can also mean fair white.

19. What Does My Name SASHA Meaning?
The name has Russian origins and is derived from another name, Alexandra. It means 'protector of man' and is used for a person with a protective and caring nature.

20. What Does My Name LYDAY Meaning?
The name is already Americanize but the real meaning if this name is German Leidig. The essence of the name is power, practicality and ambition.

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21. What Does My Name CARMA Meaning?
This is a Sanskrit name meaning FATE. In some sources, this name means garden or vineyard. This is a popular girl's name.

22. What Does My Name MATUSZEWSKI Meaning?
It has an ancient origin in the Hebrew language, The name means 'Gift of God'. This person is very receptive to others and willing to bear strife. He is a loyal and caring friend.

23. What Does My Name NENA Meaning?
A slang word in Spanish used to show endearment or affection. The equivalent meaning of the name in English is "baby" or "sweetheart."

24. What Does My Name PERCLE Meaning?
Someone who has the power or ability to express themselves either in writing or verbally. Studies and doing of research are in favor of you as you are clear and clever.

25. What Does My Name JULIE Meaning?
It is a popular girl's name from Latin. This also means a bold girl, youthful, beautiful and vivacious. The variety can be Julia or if it's for a boy, Julius.

26. What Does My Name ESPOSITO Meaning?
An old Italian dialect uses this name where it has the meaning to 'expose' or reveal in Latin. This is a common name among the Italian families of Europe.

27. What Does My Name BECKETT Meaning?
The name is derived from the words "beo cot" of which has a literal meaning of "bee cottage." In English, the name is quite old and it means beehive.

28. What Does My Name LAFEVER Meaning?
This name is a variant of the French word "Lefevre." It translates to mean someone who participated in manual labor. "Fevre" also means Smith.

29. What Does My Name LEHRER Meaning?
This is a German name which means teacher. It can also be locational and derive from the word LEAH which is an enclosure which is best for agriculture.

30. What Does My Name LONI Meaning?
It means a young woman who is independent, strong, thoughtful, full of energy, very easy on the eyes and has a hunger for life. A woman with self-drive.

31. What Does My Name KARLY Meaning?
A unique name with Scandinavian origins, Karli means womanly and used in the same breath as strength accorded to a person. This is a female version of the name Karl.

32. What Does My Name AUSMUS Meaning?
This is a distinguished name used in Greece which meant 'loved', A person named so is good intellectually and requires several outlets for his energies. The great historian Erasmus comes to mind with this name.

33. What Does My Name FOLMER Meaning?
A person who has the urge to help and understand others especially when it comes to dealing with the problems of others. A person with a responsible nature.

34. What Does My Name LINCOLN Meaning?
The name has two meanings in English. First of all, it means a Roman colony at the pool. The second meaning is a lakeside colony.

35. What Does My Name BABICH Meaning?
It is of Ukrainian origin which means old woman. This is a widely used surname. Derives from Polish and Russian word BABA which means grandmother.

36. What Does My Name LEROUX Meaning?
This beautiful name of French origin is used to refer to a Red-Haired individual. It is very descriptive and the language of Romance does complete justice to it.

37. What Does My Name MCCOLE Meaning?
The name is derived from the name Nicholas. In Greek word NIKAN which means to conquer. It is used as a surname than a given name.

38. What Does My Name PARIKH Meaning?
The name is mostly use for Indian Hindu people. It came from Gujarati word ASSAYER which means a diamond examiner UB Sanskrit.

39. What Does My Name BRANIGAN Meaning?
The name is of Irish origin and its Irish meaning is "surname." The name can also mean "little raven." it also means a person who inspires others.

40. What Does My Name DINOVO Meaning?
It is a name of Latin origin derived from the expression "de novo." In Latin, it means "of new" but in English, the expression is used to mean "from the beginning."